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Yard waste removal

Yard Waste Removal

Owning a home is rewarding but caring for a home could be tiresome, tackling seasonal yard waste removal even more exhausting. Maintaining your home inside and outside is a lot of work. If you find gardening and yard work therapeutic than great for you! However, the reality is, many just don’t have the time for it.
Regardless of the size of your property, you want to make sure the necessary maintenance is complete. There is constant upkeep, leaves clogging the storm drain in the fall or cleaning your patio so its summertime ready! There is yard work removal for every season, weather its crispy leaves, fresh cut grass, or branches piling up in your yard, its green waste that needs to be rid of. The city will help collect one garbage bin bi-weekly. But what if you have 2-3 bins full of yard waste disposal? Packing and delivering your own yard waste is not ideal. Where do you begin? Where does it go?

Removal of Yard Waste At A Fast Pace!

Removing your own yard waste can be complicated, exhausting and costly. Why not contact Keen on Green for your convenient and inexpensive yard waste disposal service! We even clean your disposal site! Our expert recycling team will haul your yard waste to the recycling centre where it’s decomposed and returned to soil to continue nourishing your beautiful landscape.

Fun Tidbit!

When you leave grass clippings on your lawn, the clippings quickly dry out, decompose, and recycle nutrients back into the soil, keeping your lawn healthy and green. Every bag of grass clipping equals approximately ¼ pound of lawn fertilizer!

How Our Yard Waste Removal Service Works: Simple, Contact Us.

  • * Schedule your yard waste removal online or call us at 778-316-8272
  • * Our friendly, professional team will always give you a 30 minute courtesy call upon pick up! Your time is valuable and we would not keep you waiting.
  • * When we arrive, show us what needs to removed and we will haul away. We’ll provide you with our all inclusive pricing!
  • * Once price is agreed upon, say goodbyes to the yard of mess. Rest assured, you won’t lift a finger. We do all the heavy lifting and loading, no matter where the green waste is located.

Examples of Yard Waste We Removal

  • + Leaf
  • + Tree
  • + Branches
  • + Grass clippings
  • + Logs
  • + Soil/Dirt
  • + Concrete

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