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TV Removal

TV removal is not an item that many expect to dispose of as often as they do. However, surprisingly enough, the more advance technology gets, the faster it ironically breaks down. So whether you’re upgrading or replacing, TV removal is another cumbersome item that you find in an alleyway. Please continue to be mindful of your neighbours. Glass could shatter and children could be playing in the area. They are hazardous items that should be rid of properly.

Removing Your TV – Responsibly Is The Key!

TV removal, along with all old electronics, is a mindless yet bothersome task that many do not care for. Many see it constantly sitting there cluttering the corners of their homes. You may not have a large enough vehicle or the time. So why not contact us at Keen on Green to take care of it for you! If it’s still in working condition, it can be donated to a facility or community in need. If it not, we will properly and safely recycle it for you.

How Our TV Removal Service Works: Simple, Contact Us.

  • * Schedule your TV removal online or call us at 778-316-8272
  • * Our friendly, professional team will always give you a 30 minute courtesy call upon pick up! Your time is valuable and we would not keep you waiting.
  • * When we arrive, show us what needs to removed and we will haul away. We’ll provide you with our all inclusive pricing!
  • * Once price is agreed upon, say goodbyes to your old TV. Rest assured, you won’t lift a finger. We do all the heavy lifting and loading, no matter where the electronics is located.

Types Of Electronics Waste We Take

  • + CTR
  • + Flat Screen TV Or Computer Monitor
  • + TV Stand
  • + Entertainment Unit
  • + Printer
  • + Computer
  • + Audio and Video Playback

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