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Mattress Removal

Mattress removal is not an everyday task people tackle often. It’s common not to know how to properly dispose of mattresses. If you’ve ever driven through an alley in Metro Vancouver and find a mattress blocking your pathway you know it’s an eyesore. Believe it or not it’s more problematic than you think. So please be courteous of your neighbours, and mindful of the environment. Some may not know, but the city does not collect old mattresses as part of your garbage disposal. So how do you get rid of old mattresses?

Call Us! City Approval To Your Mattress Removal

Yes, you can simply dispose of an old mattress yourself if you had a proper vehicle to do so. But why throw something away when you may help someone along the way! Depending on the condition, it can be donated or recycled. However, many places do not accept donated mattresses due to hygienic reasons. Therefore, recycle! Our service is not limited to household mattress removal.

Bulk Mattress Removal:

We can remove mattresses in bulk at any location, from hotels, nursing homes, to commercial facilities.

What We Recycle In Mattresses:

It may surprise you, but mattress or box spring is 95% recyclable. Recycled materials include wood, metal, fabric, felt, foam, cotton and plastic:

  • * Quilting and foam can be turned into carpet underlay
  • * Wood is recycled into bio fuel or other recycled wood products
  • * Plastic is recycled by plastic recyclers
  • * Steel from the box springs is recycled into new metal products
  • * Cotton and felt can be recycled into new felt and insulation

How Our Mattress Removal Service Works? Simple, Contact Us.

  • * Schedule your mattress removal online or call us at 778-316-8272
  • * Our friendly, professional team will always give you a 30 minute courtesy call upon pick up! Your time is valuable and we would not keep you waiting.
  • * When we arrive, show us what needs to removed and we will haul away. We’ll provide you with our all inclusive pricing!
  • * Once price is agreed upon, say goodbyes to your old mattress. Rest assured, you won’t lift a finger. We do all the heavy lifting and loading, no matter where the mattresses is located.

We’ll removal all types of mattress

  • + Mattress
  • + Box spring
  • + Memory foam
  • + Pillow top

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