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construction waste removal services Vancouver BC

Construction Waste Removal

Quick, clean, reliable construction waste removal in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, BC. 

Construction sites, renovations, home remodeling, and demolitions are all large projects that produce large amounts of debris, resulting in proper construction waste removal. Keen on Green offers safe and eco-friendly construction waste disposal service for any size project, from contractors to property owners. We accommodate our service according to your needs. If you want us to do several pickups, we can coordinate that with you, or we can haul it all away at the completion of your project. We are here to make your construction waste removal goals as hassle free as possible without having to deal with disposal.

Best Construction Waste Removal Service – Easily Taking Construction Waste Off Your Plate!

Keen on Green offers full service construction waste removal pickups and bin rental service; we offer several sizes of bin rentals. Common construction waste materials are but certainly not limited to: wood, concrete, tiles, dirt, bricks, drywall, roofing, and flooring. Not all items belong in a landfill. Our key objective is to avoid landfills as much as possible. We carefully sort through the construction waste to ensure all waste items are recyclable, and if not, disposed of safely. Certain items, such as drywall disposal, have specific regulations and restrictions to be followed; why not let us handle tedious tasks allowing you can focus on the larger picture.

FYI: Many of our clients are not aware of this, but building materials such as a new, full box of tile, can be donated to Habitat for Humanity

Wood Waste Removal

Wood waste is a common waste item found in all construction and remodelling projects. We at Keen on Green ensure that all wood waste is properly disposed of. Whether it is pallets or skids from shipping/receiver docks or extra lumber from renovation sites, we will gladly bring it to the depot for recycling.

Drywall Removal

Installing drywall can be a messy and dusty job, but removing it can be just as bad. There are several things to consider with drywall removal before you begin your renovation or demolition project. It is important to identify all asbestos-containing materials that might be disturbed during a renovation; otherwise, contamination may spread throughout the entire house or building. Homes and buildings built before 1990 will need to undergo a drywall asbestos screening test. Our professional staffs at Keen on Green will gladly assist you with drywall removal.

Steps for Drywall Screening and Removal

  • * Make sure the condition and the colour of the load is consistent

  • * Check for the manufacturer’s date stamp issued on the board. The date stamp can be on the front, back, or edge of the board. It can be in blue, purple, or black.

  • * Complete a load declaration form and have it documented by the Load Inspector
  • * Call us, provide us with the completed declaration form, and we will gladly help you with the removal of drywall

Loads without Manufacturer’s Date Stamp Can Only be Accepted if the Load is:

  • * Consistent throughout (i.e. same colour / condition); and,
  • * Has no ACMs (i.e. no texture coat or drywall joint compound); or,
  • * Has analytical reports indicating that the potentially asbestos containing drywall related components are non-detect for asbestos; or,
  • * Has a Hazardous Buildings Material Assessment that indicates asbestos was found in drywall related components and:
  • * The load contains none of the asbestos containing materials listed in the Assessment (i.e. insulation, flooring, roofing); or,
  • * The paperwork includes a Clearance Letter indicating that the asbestos containing materials listed in the Assessment have all been remove
  • * Call us, provide the clearance letter to us and we will gladly assist with the removal of drywall

How Our Construction Waste Removal Service Works: It's Simple. Just Contact Us. We'll Take Care Of Everything.

  • * Schedule your construction removal online or call us at 778-316-8272
  • * Our friendly, professional team will always give you a 30-minute courtesy call upon pick up! Your time is valuable and we would not keep you waiting.
  • * When we arrive, show us what needs to removed and we will haul away. We’ll provide you with our all inclusive pricing!
  • * Once price is agreed upon, say goodbye to your construction waste. We do all the heavy lifting and loading, no matter where the items are located.

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