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If you live in the Vancouver area, the most important thing to keep in mind when talking about removing old mattresses is that the city doesn't collect mattresses as part of your garbage disposal. So throwing out your old mattresses is not a good idea.

Mattresses are present in every home and they wore out pretty fast. As a result, alleys are sometimes filled up with old mattresses that block the pathway and cause health problems.

So what can you do with an old mattress? Even if you can use your own vehicle to transport it, where would you take it? Throwing it away in a field or near some road is an irresponsible action that has environmental implications.

The right thing to do is to call a junk removal service like Keen On Green! We will arrive in no time and collect your mattress. Our team will check it to see if it can be donated or recycled.

It may surprise you, but mattress or box spring is 95% recyclable. Recycled materials include wood, metal, fabric, felt, foam, cotton and plastic:

An average mattress consumes 23 cubic feet of space in a landfill! So obviously, throwing away your mattress is not a good idea.

Examples of items we Take

  • + Mattress
  • + Box Spring
  • + Futons



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