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We're here to uncomplicate your life by hauling away your home and commercial items including furniture, appliances, mattresses, computer and yard waste, construction debris, garbage, and more. If you've got junk, Just give us a call and we'll pick up your trash and haul away your household garbage. If you've got junk in your office we can pick up your junk there too!  
What We Take


we're green




We take an eco-friendly approach by carefully sorting through all materials and recycling as much as possible,
donating items that are still in good condition to local charities. 

The Salvation Army in CanadaUnion Gospel Mission


we're local




We are a Vancouver junk removal company and strive to contribute to a stronger, more vibrant, local community by minimizing our carbon footprint for customers throughout the Lower Mainland.




How We're Different

+ Locally owned and operated

+ Truck capacity 25% larger than most competitors

+ Quotes includes labour, vehicle expenses, and recycling/disposal fees

+ No obligation estimates

+ Extended office hours 7:30am – 9:00pm

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