Green cleaning recipes and Vancouver junk removal techniques
Jun 18 2013

When it’s time for spring cleaning after a long winter, you’d want to clean everything from bedroom to kitchen and lounge before calling a Vancouver junk company to take the trash you just removed from the house. You’ll have a long range of home cleaning products to clean everything from dirt to mold that builds in the damp areas. But there is something about these cleaners that you’d want to be aware of – most of them aren’t good for the environment. You’ll clean up dirt and grease but it’ll come at the cost of health risks and indoor air pollution.
Most of the home cleaning products available in the market contain harsh cleansing agents in addition to being overly priced. These agents often react with surface chemically and produce toxic gasses. These gasses can cause severe irritation in the eyes. Some people may also suffer from irritation in lungs when they inhale these gasses while cleaning. Most of these effects can last for weeks, putting everyone in the home at risk. The cleaners with unnecessary antibacterial agents will often increase bacteria’s resistance to antibacterial drugs. 

green solution Vancouver junk

Preparing green cleaning solutions

To stay cost-effective while avoiding health issues connected with conventional home cleaning products, you should make your own cleaning agents at home, as recommended by many Vancouver junk removal experts. These agents work as good as does the conventional cleaning agents and they don’t cost much. You will need the following supplies to get started.
green solution Vancouver junk

  • White vinegar (distilled): You can easily find it in your local supermarket or order online from any reputed grocery store.    
  • Baking soda: It’s a common kitchen item that you can buy at any store. 
  • Olive oil: It’s easily available in the market.
  • Borax powder: You can find it in any local store that has laundry related products. 
  • Liquid soap: Prefer buying castile soap, which is commonly available in food stores.
  • Cleaning cloth: Try to find microfiber cleaning cloth for better results.
  • Concentrated natural plant oils: These oils come from plants and are easily available in food stores. You can also find natural plant oils in cosmetic stores. 

With these easily-available items, you can prepare green cleaning solution that won’t leave any carbon footprints and you won’t be risking anyone’s health. Using different recipes, you can clean glass, toilet, mold from damp areas, floors, and furniture. 

What to do with the junk? Find a Vancouver junk removal company that’s green

For the junk that you’d want to remove after cleaning the house, always call a Vancouver junk removal company that uses green methods to dispose trash. You can call the company and ask for its junk removal and disposal methods or just visit its website to see if it is environment-friendly. 

Keen on Green, a Vancouver junk removal company, use 100% green methods and offer quick junk removal service at highly competitive rates. You can call us to meet the team that will take care of junk removal without damaging the environment. 

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