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Best Furniture Removal Vancouver

It is a well-known fact that at almost any point in your family’s life, you have at least one piece of furniture you’re willing to get rid of. After all, it makes sense. The family is a very dynamic unit: children grow up, parents mature, you’re changing homes, you’re redecorating and so on. Your family’s needs constantly change, which means that at almost any point you have furniture you no longer need.

It’s not a big challenge to get rid of a single chair. But let’s face it – in most cases you need to remove many pieces of furniture, part of them heavier than you can carry in your hands. Besides, even if you can transport the furniture, where will you take it to without affecting the environment?

That’s exactly why you need an experienced furniture removal service like Keen On Green.

And not only home furniture. It can be office furniture, mall furniture or institute furniture. Keen on Green specializes in recycling and disposing furniture. Our team will arrive on time, collect any piece of furniture you no longer need and leave behind a clean area. We’ll bring  the most experienced shoulders and the right equipment without causing any damage.

Our people will sort your pieces of furniture to decide whether to donate them or recycle them. The recycling process is extremely important for the environment. Many people are not aware of that, but wood, fabric and foam waste should not go into the landfill because their decomposition process produces greenhouse gases and toxic substances into soil and water. In such cases recycling is essential.

If we decide to donate your furniture, it must be in reasonable condition with no significant tear, stains or smells.

Our main furniture removal donation sites are: Salvation Army, Value Village, Vancouver General Hospital and Thifty store.

Examples Of  Items Included In Furniture Removal Vancouver Service:

  • + Couch
  • + Hutch
  • + Dresser
  • + Cabinet
  • + Bookcase

Call Keen On Green Now to earn more space and a cleaner environment.


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