Green cleaning recipes and Vancouver junk removal techniques
Jun 18 2013

When it’s time for spring cleaning after a long winter, you’d want to clean everything from bedroom to kitchen and lounge before calling a Vancouver junk company to take the trash you just removed from the house. You’ll have a long range of home cleaning products to clean everything from dirt to mold that builds Read More

Spring Cleaning For A ‘Clean’ Welcome To The Summer
May 21 2013

Spring starts with different rituals for different families but there is nothing more important than annual cleaning regime for rubbish removal. The ritual helps us get a head start on the hectic summer ahead and freshen up our homes after harsh winter. When you’re ready to give your home a fresh look, you will start Read More

Vancouver Junk removal can make your life better
May 14 2013

  Why need a junk removal company If you’ve been living in the same place for years, you’d have already gathered dozens of boxes filled with nothing but junk. You won’t be able to buy new furniture or other stuff only because you haven’t got rid of the one you already had. Your home will Read More

Mattress disposal in Vancouver could be a simple task
May 7 2013

Sometimes, people tend to hold on to their mattresses long past the time when they should be replacing them. But to be honest, a standard mattress will last you about seven years and then it’s time to get a new one. This can actually affect the way you wake up in the morning. I have Read More

Eco Furniture – When it comes to your next furniture purchase
Apr 30 2013

These days, terms associated with “eco-friendly” can be seen just about anywhere. However, being conscientious when it comes to the environment means a lot more than just participating in “Earth Day”. It’s actually a way of life that permeates just about every action you take when it comes to your surroundings. Those who consider themselves Read More

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